oh hey friday 2017

first friday of the new year, here we go! 

here is how it goes down…

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1//   goals, i am all about setting them and all about hitting them in 2017. i have big, huge plans to stay strong this year with them. check back here, because i plan on giving accountability updates on my goals. i haven’t shared them yet, some are just too scary, but i am hoping people can relate and as i start to crush them i can give some hope and encouragement to others.

2//  speaking of goals, do you have a health and fitness goal? it is not too late for you to get in on the healthbet with me, starting monday. think get paid some cash to entice you to reach that goal. we are going strong for 28 days and getting a piece of the $2m payout at the end for participating! you don’t have to weigh in, and you can read all about the deets here. me, well i will be focusing on the food, and not being an over cheese eater. I’m cleaning it up for the 28 days, i mean really cleaning it up. i also plan on cleaning up with that cash in the end too! 

3//   my sabbatical ended this week. my second to last day home i got a massage in the morning with my dearest, loveliest friend brookie 

then proceeded to over eat carbs and lots of them at the cutest little tea/soup/salad/sandwich/dessert place ever, clementines. i cannot pass up that warm bread and then i switch it up alternating between dipping it in their herb and cheese dressing & herb butter. don’t judge me, hence the reason for 2// and why i need to clean it up. but come on, warm bread how can you not?? anyway after taking in that many carbs the only other logical thing to do was to go home and watch Gilmour Girls for the next 3 hours, while snuggled in on the couch. #sabbaticalgoals

4//   back at my desk and it was actually great. i like routines, and although i could eat carbs and binge watch netflix for another 5 weeks, i need to get back into a groove, that doesn’t include getting up at 8. i did complete some items during my hiatus, and i will blog all about them early next week, i missed my work family. when you spend 40+ hours with people each week, you miss them, especially when they are just awesome, like my peeps are. 

5//  my oldest girl has wrapped up her last middle school basketball season and the tournament starts tomorrow morning. if all goes well, they will play through next week for the championship. i am a bit sad it is over. this is the last time she will play with these girls that have played together since 3rd grade. next year in high school they whole team dynamics change merging all those grades together. these girls have accomplished a lot, not just in sports, but academically and just great girls. I’m so glad my girl has had that bond with them and also excited for what the future holds for them. look at these little nuggets their second year in, thank goodness for pictures! 

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have a great friday! 

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