our home

this one is tough, so i may as well get it done first! 

i am super grateful we have a home, let me start with that.

there are 1 zillion things i would change about this home, but again i am super grateful we have a home. 

my kids freaking love this house, i talk about moving all.the.time.
because i really do want to move, and i am hopeful that will happen, but my kids do not even want to hear of it. i don’t even want to move out of the town they go to school in! I’m not suggesting even  a 30 mine radius, you would think i am talking about moving across the globe, although i would love that too! i have a vision of me fixing up an old home, saving it, bringing it back and have had that vision for years. it just has not yet worked out for me. 

so if i am not bringing an old home back, i do like this location and potential of all the things i can do with my current home when i win the mega millions next week. 😉 
like bump this wall out and make a huge eat in kitchen, where everyone can sit and eat! oh, and this would be a ginormious barn sided table, as soon as i get some barn siding. just picture it. 

these pictures are so old and crack me up because even though the curtains and pillow have changed, it still looks exactly the same. those ugly ceilings gotta go…ooh wait, i am talking about what i am grateful about this home. i am grateful we do have ceilings!! 

so let me tell you the things i love about my home:

the yard
my flowers
when the windows are open and the breeze is blowing through
that my kiddos love it here
i like the laundry room
there is a roof over our head
that my kids have a feeling of home here
they are safe
chewy mans the yard
that my kids love their bedrooms so much…maybe a little too much
i take that above one back, jesse and mae do not love their bedroom
harry, the tree we planted in the front yard
the white trash pool, as long as it is still standing

see those chairs on the front patio, they have been burned in a thanksgiving football game fire and i have stepped up my flower game a ton since then! 

so the long and the short is, just because this home may drive me nut for what it is lacking and its lack of charm, it is still a home and it is where i watched my little people walk for the first time, pass out and sleep in every room, dance in the kitchen and living room, slam every door and it is bursting with my love for my kiddos who love it here. 

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