this is going down

starting tomorrow i am all in with max30. 

I’m excited to do this program again, the last time i did it i could defiantly tell a difference and i was so much stronger by the end! i actually finished this one! this time the difference is going to be i am going to stick with a meal plan, like really stick to it. i know why i need to, i just always cave, but not this time. i am doing this and posting it here and posting about it often here is going to keep me in check. yes…you are going to keep me in check. 

who wants to join me? seriously, i need you to help me and the more people, the more to hold me (and you) accountable. if you have this program or any shaunT program help me! if you want this program, message me! 

we can do this…i promise! 

i am also finishing up this, so it will be double day this week. i totally need that too! 

 and did i ever tell you that i got to learn cize from these masters? like i got to dance with them and then chit chat. so awesome! 

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