oh hey friday

really, i was going to post something else this week and bam…it is friday!
here goes

you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that’s it. 

get in on this!! ready to get health and fit in this new year? well by all means join me! my challenge group for the new insanity max:30 starts in january and i promise it won’t disappoint! you get me as your free coach and i help you to stay accountable and engaged in your workouts. you just need to commit and then start. message me at simonbob15@yahoo.com for all the details. 
really, what is holding you back?!
speaking of getting fit and healthy. shakeology is one of the key factors, and i have samples to share. no matter what your fitness is, this baby is going to fill you with over 75 super foods and give you energy, fight cravings and get you on the health path. find out about some of the awesomeness here

the night before thanksgiving we decided to clean our oven, right clean the oven hours before i am about to put a big old bird in there.  this baby hadn’t been cleaned in 10 years. yep, i can’t lie, never cleaned it, never even thought about it. not a smart move. about after an hour of the ‘self cleaner’ going this retched smell along with smoke started pouring out of the vent and into our house.  it was awful, our eyes were burning, the house filled with smoke, disgusting! so we slept with the windows open, fans on and a clean stove. 
the next day on my first stop black friday shopping, i realize i stink, just like the smell from the house. it had made its way through the vents into all my clothes.
today, i get all ready for work, walking out the door and realize yet again, my clothes stink again! ugh…i have a clean oven but have to wash everything in this house! 
i know, not very interesting, but really something that has just been on my mind lately! this is the clean oven the next day cooking the bird. 

this tree is not decorated and this is the only decor in my house.  

until tonight, it is all going to happen tonight and tomorrow christmas is gong to hit this place, hard! 

this girl took me to the browns game with her last sunday. 

although the last 2 minutes stunk and we didn’t win the 50/50, we had fun! i hadn’t been to the stadium in years and it was great! we took the rapid, checked out the team shop, ate fries all good stuff! it was awesome to see all the action on the field and off the ball and the stuff you don’t see on tv. i even noticed how hard my yoga pal johnson works.  he is one hard worker. 

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