The end of a Swing

 I love my Friday nights catching up on all the blogs I read. I am still working on watching some Vimo videos I want to catch up on. I love sitting down and reading, finding inspiration and just catching up for an hour.
This week was a little nostalgic for me 😦 I spent the week pricing baby/toddler/kids clothing for the PTA Bargain Bonanza sale. I priced 300 items (I could have doubled that but they cut me off at 300) and each little sweater, shirt, jammy, onesie, sock, bib and hat held a dear memory for me. I think the toughest ones were all Wyatt’s clothes. I think because the girls clothes I have seen several times over the years. With the boy clothes I have not seen them since the day I put them in the bin. Dang that kid was dressed well & always looked way cool. It broke my heart to see all the tiny things he wore when he was a sweet little baby boy, then the chubby phase, and believe it or not he was a CHUB, then back to his little skinny self.

getting a fresh cut 2 weeks ago at Bill’s…note to self, Bill’s + a Saturday at noon=CrAZy!

It killed me to go throw these items and think someone else may wear these clothes, I wanted to keep them ALL. I.JUST.WANT.TO.FREEZE.TIME. just for a year or two…just to hold them close a little longer…i cant let that baby get any bigger…

this little dupa is ready to crawl & it will kill me!
This baby is on the move, she has not technically crawled, she can scoot herself backwards and turns herself in circles or rolls to where she needs to get to. Each day I think today is going to be the day, I tell the ladies at daycare if she starts to really crawl, push her back down and call me immediately so I can come see it in action FIRST. She is so big now, eating big kid food, jabbering and even plays a mean game of catch and calls fro the ball. I love her sweet little voice.
My weekends have been spent in a gym. I AM SO PROUD OF THIS GIRL! She has been working hard & I could not be any more proud of her for that. She is #10, yes, that is the 9 year old who is taller than the coach. 
This is what my car looked like today as I dropped my 300 tagged items off to the sale
goofy there is making a silly face, she is a beast, i mean joy!

You cannot really tell from the pic, but it was full of bags of clothes. That bigger item is the swing. Yesterday Mae was swinging along, today it is sitting in a gym waiting for someone to purchase it tomorrow am. It makes me sad, almost like Toy Story (note to self to blog about the giant stuffed Simba) that I have just abandoned that swing. It held each of my precious treasures, rocked them to sleep, allowed me to make dinner, switch a load of laundry, pack a lunch, clean up clutter, read a blog, gather my sanity…that swing was a dear friend to me, held it’s battery life, played the annoying songs on three different sound levels, and new the pace each kiddo like to swing at. Now there is just an empty space in the corner of my living room, it is weird.

Have a great weekend!

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