1 month later…

I apparently am not too good at this blog thing. I went back to work over a month ago and it has been that long since I have blogged!
My favorite time is running out, Mae is a little over 3 months now and although she is just the sweetest little thing ever, she is no longer a small little newborn. She is just a cute, little, big, baby!

my nights are consumed with her, it is my favorite part of the day, I take her in bed with me and just snuggle her sweet little self until she is fast asleep. I listen to her sweet, rapid breathing. Feel her little chest & back rise & fall. Smell her Johnson’s baby self. Watch her stare at me until she drifts, drifts, drifts off to sleep.
MY boy turned 7 and he was so happy to have a lego birthday! He loves legos and watching him put them together is so fun. I love that he can follow the directions and will sit for hours putting them together. What I do not love is how I spent my night last Friday night, going through the whole pile of legos and sorting them all into their own individual bags according to which kit they came in. That took some serious time and I should have added wine into that chore!

I have so much more to post…but time is running out on this evening and I need to get snuggling up with my sweet baby. More to come!

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