WoW…again there are tons of things i need to post about, but just never find the time. I NEED to make the time! It keeps flying by and I forget what it is I want to remember.

I took Grace for some girl time with mom last Saturday, we went to see Taylor Swift and again she loved it! She was so sweet, as we were walking to our seats she just looks at me and says ‘Thank you Mom, for bringing me here tonight!’ I just love her & how grown up she is, ok bums me out too, but i feel like she is just a good kid and that makes me feel like I may have done one or two things right in this life. She has been such a HUGE help with Mae. She will hold her so I can shower, or work out or clean or whatever it is I may want to sneak in.
Wyatt is just Wyatt, he LOVE his baby sister, but the other 2 I am pretty sure he is ready to trade in. He has had a little ‘Shark concern’ this week because Grace has been watching Shark Week on the discovery channel. Well she asked him if he wanted to watch with her and this boy never turns down some TV time, and they happened to tune in right when the Great White was tossing around a 13 year old boy. Grace then proceed to give Wyatt all the ‘Shark Facts’ she had learned throughout the week and where they live etc. The next day he was in no hurry to go swimming, and asked me randomly during the day
‘What is that water that Sharks live in?’
‘Salt water?’
‘yes, isn’t it salt water at Hilton Head’
‘yes Wyatt, Hilton Head is salt water’
he just stared at me…pretty sure he want be jumping in the waves next year on our beach vacation!
Jesse is a beast! She is sassy and crazy and seems like she is 15 years old now! Right now the goal is to get her and Grace’s new room set up so this child can get back to some sort of routine! She sleeps in Wyatt’s room with everyone and goes to bed WAY to late. She did get to go into the REd Room today and see all her pals, but was especially glad to see her boy Ben. She just loves him! They let her have lunch and sit next to him and she has been on cloud 9 for the rest of the afternoon! She is all about dressing herself each morning, this is what she came up with recently, so apparently i need to intervene!
and this sweet baby…all I want to do is hold her!

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