The Blue Guy

Wyatt has his favorite stuffed animal, his name is The Blue Guy. He got the Blue Guy from Grandma Holly when he was less than a year old. We had gone on an outing up at the lake to a shop where you could make your own stuffed animal. Grace made a unicorn and Wyatt/me ‘made’ the Blue Guy. Wyatt has always loved him, sleeps with him every night. Weird thing was as I was looking through pictures to find one of the Blue Guy to add to this post I could only find this one. See the Blue Guy sitting on Wyatt’s pillow?

Tonight this beast, got a hold of the Blue Guy.
and poor Grace found him with two missing eyes. She broke it to her brother gently, and he came to me sobbing, crying harder then I have seen him cry when I take away his DS. Grace was hugging him as he told me what they found with huge crocodile tears streaming down his cheeks. (The beast quickly ran away and hid as she knew trouble was coming) My poor little 6 year old heart broken. As I surveyed the Blue Guys plastic eyes, I calmed Wyatt by telling him I or Grandma could fix him, he would need minor surgery at the hospital and then be fixed like new. Wyatt slowly moved his way to his bedroom his sister holding him closely along the way. She helped him into bed and tucked him in so sweetly knowing his little heart was broken, and he said to her between his sobs ‘Grace, I dont think I want to sleep alone, could you please sleep with me tonight?’ She of course grabbed her Green Pillow (also from Grandma Holly when she 2) and snuggled in with her little brother. So sweet…my heart breaks for him. Now I just hope I really can fix the eyes of The Blue Guy.

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