Before I was married, before I had children, I had Bob. She was the sweetest dog, loved me unconditionally, no matter where I took her, where we lived she slept right by me and snuggled in.When I got married, Bob walked down the aisle right before I did and at the reception she was there, indirectly, and melted away at the end of the night.

When I was pregnant with Grace I remember wondering/worrying if I was going to have enough love, enough love for both this new sweet baby and Bob. Am I going to love this baby as much as I love Bob? Obviously the answer was yes, and from the moment I saw Grace my heart doubled and filled with that same love for Bob and poured full of new love for my Grace Elizabeth.
(Bob loved Grace as much as I did also) They both entertained me with posing for silly pictures. Not even two short years later, Wyatt Houston Simon joined our little family, and again, my heart was filled with a new love for my sweet little boy. And again I understood that my heart is big enough for more than one child.
and again, they posed for me.
Although my heart was broken with the loss of Bob that next year, I knew there was still room for more love when Jesse Elizabeth joined us.
my sweet new baby girl brought so much joy to us and not only was my heart filled with a new love, it even burst more knowing how much her brother and sister adored her.
so…where am I going with this? My heart is getting ready to be cracked open again, and filled with such joy as we wait for the arrival of our newest little family member to complete us as a family of 6. I no longer worry that there isn’t enough love to go around. As I type this I hear the older two arguing over who gets to play first, who is better at the game, but I know they love each other.
This sassy little 2 year old, she will even find love for a new baby, although it may be a bit of a challenge for her. I am so looking forward to these long 9 months, well 7 months left to go. I am going to try to revel in the pregnancy and enjoy it, yes try to enjoy it.
2010 was a good year of change for me, but I am looking forward to 2011 and all it has in store.
Happy New Year my blog friends!!

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