I was productive tonight… amazing!

completed a digital layout…WoW!
swam with kids
updated blog…twice!
updated blog header
cleared out my email
read some of my book
I want to share with you..not that I have many blog readers.
Amy Eldridge, I met Amy through my friend Becca.
She came to my house and took AmaZinG photos of my kids. It was great, I of course walked away cause i get way stressed out when they are getting their picture taken, with her though, No stress! She is a mom and knows how to work with the children and adapt to them, she does not take those staged pictures she just captures them doing what they are doing. She got great pictures of them, and I cannot wait for her to come back again, again & again! She is working on her site so email me if you want her contact info.
So here are a few:
Another great place I started going to today is Yoga 101 Studio. It is located right in Berea, convenient, and it was a great class. I wanted to start incorporating Yoga into my workouts twice a week so I am hoping this will work well.

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