I have a great mom…I am going to PUBLICLY state all the reasons for here in honor of this Mother’s Day

Thank you for being an amazing Grandma
Thank you for always looking out for us
Thank you for making my life easier with all of your help
Thank you for providing me and my kids so much love
Thank you for allowing me to work out every morning
Thank you for turning yourself into a walker, you finished your first race!
Thank you for being funny
Thank you for being crafty
Thank you for being dependable
Thank you for putting your children first
Thank you for being an AMAZING MoM!
I love you!
I also had a great Mother’s Day, thanks to Todd and the kids. I love being their mom, although i am sure i make mistakes on the job each day they are still the most amazing thing i have ever accomplished. My mother’s day started with a GREAT brunch! Brunch is my favorite, and a good brunch is the BesT! We went to Pickwick & Frolics and I am a big fan of them making the omelet for you, so I had @ Havarti & tomato omelets…so delish! They also had a great chocolate fountain who doesn’t love that and i finished it off with bananas foster…yum yum!
After brunch we took a walk down to the Q to see all the hype over the CAVS! We love the CAVS and love playoff time so it was fun to watch the kids run around in that area and see player pics. We had one crabby boy on our hands so he refused to be in the picture:
therefore i was forced to tickle him until he smiled
We then came home and took a nap! I love naps!!! everyone napped which is the best…even chewy.
then the CAVS game ( they lost though ) then a mega shopping trip to Target!
What a perfect day!
I am a lucky girl 🙂

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