Happy NSD!

I had a great super productive weekend and spent to much $$. But that is ok i guess, i think i am trying furiously to get things organized before the baby arrives! I am four weeks out now…that is a long time in my world but a short time in everyone elses! The room got painted this weekend, so it is moving along nicely i am hoping it is done by the weekend! I bought my kids their summer clothes so they are all set for when the weather breaks, i even bought some cute little baby outfits (Brooke bought to many baby outfits for the baby) I got blinds for windows…YES we have lived in this house for 3 years and all we even had on the windows were the paper temporary blinds that you get when you first move in. I bought real blinds for the kids rooms, i BOUGHT them i did not say they are hanging up, HUGE difference!

This weekend was also NSD or for you people that live under a rock (kidding) NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY! yes, there is a day! I spent my whole three days over at Scrap in Style TV for there online crop. I didi not get done as much as i would like but it was fun to be in on the festivities! i will be finishing all the projects but here are a few that i did get done:

I did a real awesome l.o. of grace last week also i need to get posted. I love the online challenges though, they make me scrap something different and i like that, not the same old stuff, b-day, parties, sleeping etc.

This l.o. i did awhile ago but i thought i would post it CAUSE i am so excited my brother is coming home on FRIdAY! ok i guess it is not home to him anymore, he hasnt lived here in forever he hasnt even been here since grace was 2 months old…so five years. BUT he is coming here and i am so excited! I would be way more excited if i wasnt 70lbs overweight and i could drink some beers/wine with him but still so happy to see him! This was a l.o. i did about if he will know who the kids are, i tell the kids about him all the time but really they dont know him or how great he is. This picture was at my wedding and Ian was only 2 years old. I know my kids will love having him around the house, they love anyone new to entertain them. Rob will be sick of them, seeing how Grace and my mom are here all day! We have lots of fun planned! We are going to cedar Point on tuedays, hehehe that is funny since i am 10 months pregnent! It is a day of fun for work so you only get paid for the day if you go to the park…therefor i am going to the park and walking around kiddie land all day while todd & rob get to go ride the rides. The cavs are playing so i am sure they will go to a home game, the tribe is in town and jim & rob are going to a tribe game. It will be a fun week, even overweight:(
Have a great week! Maybe i will be really productive and post again!
I think i am nesting…i also cleaned the pantry for two hours, really how long can you spend in a pantry???

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