The Grace Crop for Autism

This crop is going to be amazing! My dear scrappin friends got me involved in this one and i am so excited i am going to be there.

It is at the end of the month in Staten Island New York. This is how i got involved. I met Kristin through the yahoo board for CE. I was going to CKC Valley Forge and she was going with a bunch of her friends. One of them is Barbara D’Amora who is the founder of The Grace Foundation. She puts together a huge crop each year to raise money and awareness for the foundation. When i met all these girls i just loved them just so fun and down to earth…real scrappers. Barb, Kristin, Susan & I ended up all rooming toghter at CE and I told Barb i wanted to come to the crop for sure and would help anyway I could with the crop. So i got the blog job. You need to check out the Grace Crop for Autism Blog. Latley i am posting pictures of all the great donations they have received. It is so cool to see all this stuff, and people are so generous!

So I am posting a little challenge to ANYONE who reads this blog…and whoever you pass it along to. I want to get some donations of projects YOU create that can be used for a donation for the auction and prizes at The Grace Crop. So DIG in your stash and create something amazing and mail it off to me, when I receive your creation i will mail you out a little something to replace in your stash! Just email me for my address where you can mail your treasure to! I will post pics of our creations as well!

You can register to attend this event as well. All the info is on the blog! THANKS!

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