are you ready for a 0ne/80?

what do you think when you hear one/80?  turn it all around? flipping the other way? 
although i have stayed pretty consistent over the holidays with my eating, i feel terrible, sluggish and cannot seem to get my stomach under control!  dairy is killing me, too many bad carbs has me bloated and full feeling.  The one/80 is perfect timing to help me reset myself and flip it all around.

the reason i am so pumped about this is not because of the new year, i dont every need a new year to eat right, i am always striving for that.  it also is not a diet or a quick fix.  the one/80 will lead you to a healthy lifestyle and help you create long standing healthy habits.  clean, portion control and is not a quick fix, but darn, is it going to make me feel so much better. 

the whole program is being broken down into 3 phases, to ensure you are engaged all the way.  this helps me so much as i can attack it in three, which i am a big fan of, chunks of time, totally doable!

umm what is even better?

the free shipping, pineapple coconut spark and $25k!  oh yeah, you read that right.  there is a chance to win $25k for a total transformation, like real…legit!

i am in it for the pineapple coconut spark.  i not ever a coconut fan, but that all changed after i tried this!

what i also love…helping other people reach their goals!  are you looking to make a change?  i would love to have you join me on this journey!  accountability is the key, checking in each day will help you stay motivated, more so me checking in on you each day defiantly will keep you accountable.

lets do this! 

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