unfollow – social media affect

ugh…why does this hurt so much.. not just the unfollow itself, but when others tell you they have unfollowed.

for example…   i followed someone on social for awhile, i liked her posts, her content interested me, she sparked joy.  what started as me reading each post, over time moved to me reading about half the post, then skimming through the post, read maybe half the post to eventually just scrolling by.  then one friday, (yes, i do remember it was a friday, more to come on that.)  i just felt i had to unfollow.  so i did.  later that day i was chatting with my work bff and told her:
‘i had to unfollow xxx.’
now my super compassionate, feeler work bff just said:
and shrugged it off.  i apologized to her, as she is a huge fan of xxx and she proceeded to tell me in her always so wise way:
‘you don’t have to apologize to me.  people bring different perspectives into your life at different times.’
my work bff is super, super wise, inspiring and smart.  we then parted ways, as it was friday (see…there was a reason i remembered it was a friday).

i then moved through my weekend, but this conversation with my work bff kept popping into my head.  it was one of those things i couldn’t shake and i was feeling bad.

maybe i was too harsh
i shouldn’t have even told her
why do i always say so much
learn to just shut up

i was feeling bad.  i almost texted my pal, but decided to wait to talk to her first thing monday morning.

monday morning came, i marched directly into her office, gave her a hug and told her i was sorry.
‘good morning, why are you sorry?’  my ever so compassionate work bff says.
‘i was harsh, i should have never just blurted out i had to unfollow xxx.’
she proceeded to tell me i was (still am) crazy.

a few weeks later i am teaching my insanity class.  my friend tells me:
‘sorry liz, but i had to unfollow xxx, i was so sick and tired of him taking selfies in his underwear.’

‘oh’ my reply.
but i gotta say, it kind of stung a little bit.  i almost felt like she was telling me she unfollowed me and my feeling was a little hurt.  my first reaction was to respond, defensively.   my head instantly went back to my conversation with my work bff, this is how she felt!
so i replied with:
‘you don’t have to apologize to me.  people bring different perspectives into your life at different times.’
the wise words of my dear friend came right out.

whats my point?
there are 2:

  • surround yourself with good people.  just like you are always told.  good brings good, kindness brings kindness.  keep that good karma all around you, all of the freaking time.  keep those good people around you all the freaking time, it matters. 
  • don’t let social media affect you like that.  as with anything, interests change.  something may not appeal to you any longer, people evolve and change and people and content are brought into your life to move you through that period.      

i had that app on my phone that would tell me who starting following me, who unfollowed me.  needless to say, but that app is gone…unfollow.

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