refresh & recharge…sw fl

when you live in a cold climate, about late january/early february you need some warm sunshine, like it is imperative! each year, about this time, i need a good dose of vitamin d.  i got just that on my getaway to southwest fl.

thankfully my dad and super awesome step mom made the move south several years ago, they are in a good routine, so i can just jump right in.

not that i don’t love my home, and honestly, our winter has been pretty mild, but even so a blast of warm sun can change so much about your attitude.  getting out of the dreary cle cold i had to maximize my time.  i arrived on thursday late afternoon so i could maximize my 3 full days in the sun.

friday – beach day, we get there early to secure a spot and that is it.  sit and soak in the sun.  there is plenty of people watching to be done at the beaches of southwest florida.  now i did walk on the beach a bit and read my book but successfully completed my goal of a solid base for the mission.  this day was topped with a leisurely stroll around target, a super target i might add, this target is ginormious even the lady in line next to me chatted with me about how they just don’t have those types of targets back in her parts.  even better for my big lofty goal, i couldn’t really spend any money because i would have had to get the items home.  now i realize i could have shipped them home, but honestly this target had all the same items my target has, i was just able to stroll and check them all out, then make a mental note of what i needed upon my return.

saturday – after a morning run, farmers market.  

now really that is where i wanted to buy things!  i am a sucker for fresh produce, not so much i know what to do with it, i just love the way it looks all spread out on display.  and the fruit, oh my goodness,  now that looks amazing and i want to purchase it all.  but again, not really something i could lug home in my suitcase, so browsing again.

i then moved into the afternoon at the pool…ahhhhh chlorine and sunshine, nothing is better.  again, finished my book, which was just an ok book but a good quick read, the rocks.

after all that sun what is the best dinner? pizza, you can’t beat the california pizza oven.  bring it!

sunday – this is when i start to get a bit sad.  by now i am missing my kiddos and i have a good tingle going on from the sun base, but i know i soon will be leaving the warmth.  so after a run, it is back to the pool i go.

having those couple of days away to refresh and recharge is so awesome.  thankfully, my co parenting super dad to my kids is able to pull off all the activities at home.  there is never a good time to leave, i have found that out, but it is so important to do so.  being away makes me refocus my attention to my goals and be a better mom.  that is so needed.

the other benefit is getting in good sweaty runs.  it is weird, i know, but  i love the heat.  i love that when you walk out the door, catches you in the chest and takes your breath away kind of heat.  what i love more is working out in that heat!  i was able to get in good runs each of the days and that kept me up to date of all the happenings in marsh landings.  such friendly people there, one even running out of her home offering me water, i must have looked pretty rough at that point.

i always say to my kids when we are running to the car in a snow storm, or freezing outside in the rain, why do we live here?  they won’t even move down the street, but as long as i can keep going to get my blast of sun for a couple of days to get me through january, february and march i will make it through until i can get to my beach house permanently.

so now sing over to september farm & the farmers wife and link up for oh hey friday! 


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