tips after tonsils

monday morning bright and early 2 of my girls went in to have their tonsils out. im not much of a remove your organs and surgeries, actually i dont take my kids to the doctor for too much, but this was necessary.

grace gets strep or tonsillitis, ummm…i didnt even know that was a thing until we started this madness, all.the.time. she had strep 6 times in 2016.
mae had tonsils a big as boulders, ok maybe very large river rocks. her tonsils would actually touch each other when she would get sick. that my friends is scary, like she stops breathing scary. she also snores like, well, like her dad, due to the tonsils. most importantly, her breath, like she can knock you over with the dragon breath, with the tonsils gone all of the above should improve.
btw…snoring worse, but im guessing , praying, hoping that is because she is still recovering.

i really liked the tag team thing.

mae went first, after being all prepped in her stylish hat, they rolled her off in a wagon into the or.

i was able to go in with her while she was put under, so pitiful. she was never scared at all, but i thought she looked a bit nervous when she was breathing into the mask, that may have broke me up a bit but i fought through wanting to crawl up onto the table next to her and snuggle in but i left her int he care of the awesome doctors and nurses and made my way over to grace as she was being prepped to go.  grace with an iv, creepy!

less than 45 minutes later, mae was rolling out and grace was rolling in. i was able to sit with grace while she went out to dreamland and then headed over to snuggle in with my no tonsils 5 year old. poor mae mae looked at me with her big old brown eyes full of big old tears and screeched ‘i want my tonsils back.’
broke my heart. but what followed…amazing! my sweet little 5 year old snuggled into me and proceeded to lay on me for the next hour sleeping and snoring, really really snoring. there was also some crying. can i tell you how much i miss a sweet baby laying on me sleeping. so amazing!

grace came rolling out and we sat watching her come out of anesthesia, ummm so funny! we were all packed in together in a recovery room, so sweet.

then another hour later we are heading home ready to set up camp on the couch and recover.

which leads me to, my 5 tips to recover from having tonsils out:

1//   ice chips – hopefully you have a  fridge that spits out chopped ice, it is super handy. if not, pop them into your blender or vita mix and chop some ice. these girls have been eating ice chips consistently for the pat 3 days. 

2//  tylenol and mortin – keep it coming. my goal in all this was to stay ahead of the pain. i didnt…and still dont want them to have that crazy crash i keep hearing about around day 2-3. more so grace, they say it is tougher on her because she is older. i have my post it note stuck to the counter next to the drugs to keep track of who is getting what and when. mae is switching tylenol/motrin every 4 hours and grace is going tylenol mainly, with some pain pills thrown in there at night. this tylenol she like the best, something about the cool blast, it helps she says.

                                                      Image result for tylenol cool burst

3//  jello – just get all the flavors.  we have gone through boxes and bowls of jello. im sticking to the homemade stuff as opposed to the pre packged cause you know nothing but the best homemade treats for my girls. kidding, is boxed jello really considered home made?

4//  wake them up – i know, what?? why would you wake a sleeping sick child? because you need to give them the meds and ice chips. wake them up throughout the night, every 4 hours. they need a redose of medicine as well as you need to keep those ice chips moving through. the goal is to keep that sore wet so it doesnt dry out. it seems to be my life goal these days. although, todd does the going to get the medicine and fresh ice chips. i just prop them up and pop it down the hatch. keep those cold ice chips coming.

5//  netflix/pawpatrol – get out the ipad, chromebook, dvr any device is needed.  i think grace has watched 2 seasons of greys and mae has flipped through all of her 50+ pawpatrols. prop up the cups of ice chips, wrap the ice pack around their neck and snuggle in with a good blanket. this is the hardest part on me, just lay around.

im open to tips, seriously, if you have tips to make this recovery smoother, im ready for them!

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