per usual, I’m posting my oh hey friday, on saturday. 
yep i am just crazy like that, or maybe because that whole i have to go to work now is cramping my getting things done early on friday groove.

anyway here is the deal:
link up back to September Farm
read, enjoy and share! 

how is that new years lets get into shape thing going for you? 
just to keep the momentum going i am posting my 5 favorite workouts this week, you know, switching it up always helps when that resolution excitement starts to wear off…like now. 

1//   insanity/T25 – 

i am linking these 2 together because they are basically the same, one is just shorter, but just as effective. insanity is my fav to teach, i just love it, the variety, the different blocks focusing on different performances and it is under an hour. it is made up of a lot of the same moves of the insanity home version, but a different format. i just got done with it this am! T25, i love, it is 25 freaking minutes and you are like…’what? i can’t believe that just happened in 25 minutes.’ it is a great workout, short amount of time and for every.single.level. when i am pressed for time, this is my go to. i can get it done quick + sweat a ton = feel amazing! 

2//   run – 

there is nothing like just going for a run. inside or out, there is nothing better then the feeling after a long hard run is finished. i love it, seriously love it. i love feeling my legs tighten up, sweat dripping in my eyes, but the best is being done. it really makes the whole run worth it. i pop my headphones in, turn up music, loud and try to shut off my brain for that time. when i have to be inside, which is a lot now since i live in the cold weather, i either watch the food network and decide what i am going to eat after the run or binge watch my current netflix binge…currently gilmour girls. 

3//   cize – 

i know, i know, i have a thing for shaunt work outs, i can’t help it.  you guys, i am not a dancer…wait, let me clarify that, i am a total dancer. in my kitchen , living room, car, sitting at the table and can do my own moves, i am amazing.  so when i did this program the first time, i was cracking myself up! this workout is fun, super fun. it is broken down so easy and you get moving and as you build on and get the move mastered, you are putting more into it and bam…sweating and abs and what?? now you think you are a back up dancer or better yet a TRL dancer from back in the MTV day! fyi, i think i am one of them, then when i see myself…oh lord! either way, in my mind i am amazing and burn a ton of calories while working on a 6 pack, and it works! 

4//   yoga – 

this is the thing, i have not been to yoga in a long time and i miss it so much. when i am in a yoga groove, like going multiple times a week, i am just a better person. hot powerful flow, that is my jam. i can be in a hot powerful class, and just wondering and questioning how i can possibly sweat that much, honestly i just don’t understand, i have no clue where all that sweat is coming from. then just when i think i may pass out and die, it is savasana time…aka take a nap…ok not really a nap, but time to zen out, clear your mind and focus on all i am grateful for, grateful i didn’t die in hot powerful flow. not everyone is a fan of the hot classes, but i cannot get enough. 

5//  core de force – 

this is my newest fav and what i am currently doing for a 30 day challenge. this mma fighting inspired workout makes you feel bad ass! it also shoots your heart rate up and then allows you to focus on punches, kicks and power building moves. the whole program has a variety of different workouts, but all focus on everything coming from the core…which i love. and, i feel like if someone caught me off guard or came out of nowhere…i would be prepared, a little. 

tell me…what is your favorite workout? i always am up for giving something new a try. while i tend to stick to home workouts, just because i don’t want to go outside and like to get it done quickly in my own home. driving somewhere adds on time, that i always don’t have. plus i can always get easily distracted or back on while getting there. but, i will give anything a try! 


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