what?? dry january!

those holidays creep up on you and next thing you know…bam it is january!  are you feeling:


maybe you had one too many cocktails over the past 6 weeks.  my down fall is that darn hot tub, i sit out there gazing in the window looking at my glowing christmas tree and lights, listening to my christmas music and the next thing i know my $3.99 bottle of little koala shiraz is gone-o. 

so i share with you…

1//   stay home – yes, it is a great time to just stay in.  it is cold out there, and the time to watch movies, rest and recoup yourself is now.  just give friends and family the heads up that you are laying low this january.  hand them off that extra booze from the holiday, if there is some! even better you may just save some money too! 

2//   do a puzzle…read a book – that is one of my favorite things to do when staying home.  i am a big fan of puzzles, you can do it any time, for a short little bit or sit down for hours.  this can also give you another hobby when you are staying home and help keep you in, you just want to get that puzzle done. spend your time focused on a great new book or 2, that time snuggled in with your candle and book will fly by! 

3//   go out an eat a big old pasta dinner!  what you say?  yes, normally you may want a big glass of wine with that pasta, but really, just grab the bread basket, or baskets but who is judging.  that is exactly what i did last night.  my first drink i ordered was a big glass of water, i asked for the biggest glass they had.  then i immediately dove into the bread and just ate my way past wanting to order that glass of wine.  by the time the app was gone i was ready for a nap from carb overloading and only wanted more water and carbs of course.  i proceeded to have ravioli, ummm…yum, but i was so carb overfilled, a nap on the couch with my best stretch pants was the only wish in my future.  right, maybe not the healthiest alternative, but it worked! 

4//   speaking of water – water…water and more water. i find these help, i love love love la croix.  add a lime and put it in a fancy glass and you will totally feel like it is a spritzer.  you are the life of the party on your natural berry berry high and do not have to provide an explanation to anyone.  the first couple of times i took this bad boy into the hot tub, todd had no clue i was sparkling water pounding.  the bubbles help too.  

5//   workout – run, get your yoga on, do insanity, whatever it takes.  the natural high a great workout brings you really makes you want to stay away from alcohol.  it will make you want to wake up and get your sweat on again, so you don’t want to feel like shit when you do.  really, once you starting getting into a routine, that workout high will take over. 

6//  sleep – sleeping will be so much better.  what you say?  i sleep so much better when i pass on out after my bottle of lil koala! i realize that, but i promise, after some time you will sleep so much better.  no waking up in the middle of the night or morning with cotton mouth, less interrupted sleep, you will get into a good sleeping routine, plus you may just go to bed earlier and get up earlier, like myself or goals for myself. 

while it sounds nuts, getting on the dry january bandwagon has more benefits than drawbacks.  get yourself a crew to jump in with you, think of all the dry activities you can do together! what do you have planned? 

i am actually enjoying my ‘dry out’ and just after a few days feel detoxed and better, although today i had to run all those carbs off.  who knows…maybe that dry january may roll right into february, it can’t hurt! 

stay dry my friends! 

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