want to make a bet?

would you bet on your health improving in 2017?

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i know, i know, you always want to and start the year off strong, but if you knew there was cash at the end for finishing, would you bet on yourself?

well you should! and this is how it goes:

Beachbody Health Bet | BeachbodyBlog.com

beachbody is throwing $2 million into the pot, yep, you read that right starting off with $2m. 

you join me, stay engaged in your workout and log your shakeology and workout in the free app, i provide you the link to join. 

the contest runs january 9- february 5, 2017. you must meet each weekly requirement, which is log 5 shakeology a week and 3 workouts. seriously, how doable is that? of course i will encourage you to stay in it 5-6 days a week, come on, i want you to get the most out of it and get the best of you!

after you meet the requirements at the end of the contest you will win an equal share of the guaranteed prize pool of $2m. 

$2m not enough for you? there is a really good chance this prize may reach $3m! beachbody is adding $5 to the initial $2 million prize for every challenge pack sold up to $3m total.

what program is the best fit for you? 
we will figure that out together. 

i am hitting it hard with this one
Image result for core de force
core de force.

oh my do i feel like a bad ass with this program.
there are punches, hits, elbows, kicks and heart bursting spikes. it is such an amazing core workout too, and goodness knows i need that! 
so lets do this, there has never been a better time to get healthy and fit and really… it is a win/win. 
message me here and lets get set to knock 2017 out!

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