oh hey friday…parenthood edition

i feel like i am loosing my best friend, like he or she is slipping right through my hand and i am clinching, reaching, pulling whatever it takes to keep holding on to them. 
picture it, me hanging off the side of a building just holding on for dear life to the braverman family. 

but first, link up. 

go check out september farm and all the fun link ups! but here are my 5 on friday, all about parenthood and the bravermans. ok i have talked about my love for this show before, but now i am nearing the end of my netflix binge watch, and i can’t believe it is over. i mean, I’m not sure why nbc has not yet consulted me but whatever.


1//  max braverman – i mean this actor is brilliant, really awesome. but more so, max braverman has made me cry at least three times this week. when he shows up at the school and his mom welcomes him?? i was sobbing, while running on the treadmill. like, I’m shocked i didn’t fall on my face running because i couldn’t see through the tears. oh and when he is with hank and hank is his best friend. dying! 

2//   speaking of hank – omg hank. i never watched everybody loves raymond, but after meeting hank, i may just now stop if i ever see a rerun of that show. 
i have never wanted 2 people together more than i do hank and sarah. no spoilers, i just started season 6. but come on…this guy loves her and is working so hard and how can you not cheer for him and love him! 

3//  monica potter – i mean she is from the CLE. ok, so now i am obsessed. i have been to her store near my home, followed her recipe for turkey brine and cooking the turkey. i use her chapstick every.single.day.

oh…and what??? she fulfilled my lifelong dream. she bought her family home in cleveland and restored it. ummmmm….hello? do you know me??? yes, i am the person who put the note in my childhood home mailbox asking them to sell me the house. 

4//  crosby – i didn’t think it was possible for dax shepard to get any cuter. boy was i wrong. from a huge dillon panthers fan, when crosby was wearing the panthers football tshirt, i may have cried. 

5//  their home – again, i sob on the treadmill. i love love love that house and that yard. i fully intend on finding a long farm outside table and surrounding it with chairs and string bulb lights over it this summer. we will then drink wine and dance. oh, it is going to happen. 
when zeeke and millie were dancing in the empty house, seriously, pick me up off the floor. 

 really, every time those siblings start dancing, i laugh and i cry. it is like my natural reaction. 

i just started the last season, the next couple days are going to be rough for me. i have a feeling there will be another parenthood post coming soon. what should be up next? gilmour girls? narcos? i need something to get me past the loss of the braverman family. 


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