infectious disease?

who remembers having the chicken pox? 
the fever 
the spots 
the itching 
the misery

well i for one, thought they were a thing of the past, that was until monday.

rewind to the weekend.
my gal j had a normal fun weekend. played with friends, went to a christmas party, played in 2 basketball games and spent some time at grandmas putting up some decoration. 
monday morning off to school, per usual. 

monday afternoon she arrives home to show me she is covered in ‘bumps’ all over her legs and arms. she gets a random bump on her face and hands sometimes, she has for years and then they fade away, but this was cray! 

so day 2 of sabbatical i was off to work to the wellness center to find out what ails my gal, although i had webmd’d it and was pretty convinced. 

the nurse practitioner took one look at her and said ‘chicken pox’.
chicken pox? i mean that came into my head, but no fever, no cough, no sniffles, no cold symptoms. 

and what??? she had her immunizations, like, i know she did. 
although in my mind i was questioning myself. 
did i take her for her well visit? 
i don’t remember shots.
did i miss hers?
i am sure i was late.

so we leave and i have to say, im a bit dumbfounded, like so confused, how the heck could she get chicken pox! 
i call the school to let them know and the nurse is about as freaked out as me. and im feeling super bad thinking she may have infected her pals. like her bff that is home that day with a fever. 

im seconding guessing myself, so i call the pediatrician office, just to confirm she had her immunization.
she did
thank freaking god, good mom move, finally! 

they can see her, so im taking her in. i mean a second opinion is good right? 
i mean in the mean time the school nurse had called me back to let me know the health department will be calling me.
um…what? the health department? why?
you know, it is just a follow up because your child has an infectious disease.
what?? like i gave this to her? i mean she clearly caught it somewhere.

off to the pediatrician, she walks in, because apparently the pediatrician i had retired and a new, nice young girl has taken over, checks her out and says no, not chicken pox. 
she doesn’t know what it is, but positive it is not chicken pox. 

in comes the other doctor in the group.
defiantly not chicken pox, not at all. 

‘we don’t know what it is, but it is not chicken pox. come back in 5 days if it isn’t gone’

and off we go. 

so does she have the pox? 
does she not?
i don’t know. 

the spots are still there. she feels fine, no fever, no cold symptoms, nothing. 
i defiantly have not sent her back to school but nothing has changed. she is still spotted. 

chicken pox? my kids falls into that percentage they tell you about when you get immunizations. im pretty sure i zone out when they are telling you all those warning from shots. 

so another day home tomorrow for my infectious disease girl, although she is no longer contagious, that has long passed before the first spot. 
im digging this stay at home mom/sabbatical life and itching, im itching everywhere and freaking out. 

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