sabbatical good mom goals!

you may have heard me mention a time or 2 that i work at the most amazing company, well i do. we have some awesome benefits and perks such as:

onsite day care
cedar point day (my favorite)
great parties
nail salon
hair salon
dry cleaning
fitness center
volunteer time off
and the list goes on…

but starting the first week of december i will be taking part in a great one, sabbatical. 

  1. 1.
    a period of paid leave granted to a college teacher for study or travel, traditionally every seventh year.
    “she’s away on sabbatical
  1. 1.
    of or relating to a sabbatical.
of or appropriate to the sabbath.
that is right, i am not a teacher, but we get a 4 week sabbatical after 8 years of service. now many people travel, maybe get a certification they have always wanted, do some crazy once in a lifetime opportunity. me, i am being a mom for the month of december. 

what? you already are a mom.

i am going to be that stay at home mom for 4 weeks. it will be a great mix, 2 weeks with kids, 2 weeks without kids, well kids in school i should stay, i mean they will still be here i suppose. 

anyway, i am going to:
  • be prepared for the holiday concerts and not reining out the afternoon of to purchase black pants and white shirts. 
  • wrap the holiday gifts prior to hours before.
  • decorate for christmas and take down and purge while doing so.
  • pack the kids lunches.
  • make dinner.
  • maybe even make breakfast.
  • visit the kids school for lunch.
  • volunteer in the classroom. 
  • be at every sporting event. seriously, school sports start at 430 around these parts, which in turn means you have to leave work by 330 depending on the location and what working parent can just leave twice a week in the middle of the afternoon like that! 
  • be here when they get off the bus, if i am not at said above sporting event. 
  • drive them to school the day they take in christmas gifts. 
you know, all those things i feel like a total failure as when i am at work all day and then feeling like a failure 90% of the time. 

im super excite, i cannot wait, i am prepping my kids and have been for the past week. see this week i am on PTO, which is just another perk having Paid Time Off on top of the Sabbatical. so this week while on PTO i have been prepping them telling them all the good mom things we will be doing. 

like today for example, my middle schoolers needed to be at school at 8am, the bus comes at 8am, and of course they sprung that on my at 745 am. so what did i do, i ran hopped in the car and rushed them to school while waving to the best bus driver, tracy. …good mom stuff! 
let me tell you, they are thrilled i will be around the whole month, i can see the look on their happy little faces when i tell them all the #goals we are going to have. as wyatt said this morning pulling into the school:
 ‘mom, the good moms know that, you shouldn’t have to ask.’ 
ok, ok, so i am learning, but boy oh boy. 

and maybe i forgot to send in the rsvp form form jesse’s breakfast buddies, but i called. she is rsvp’d. that isn’t going to happen in december though! 

of course i have other item to complete while on sabbatical. i do not want the time to go by and at the end i have completed parenthood and binge watched three more series on netflix, although that does sound like a great to do list to me. sp really, you should total send me your netflix suggestions. 

i have a list:
attend 15 yoga classes
read 4 books…the last one being this
complete Core de Force
run 15 miles each week
finish kitchen refresh
clean closets

 and the list goes on and on. 
i do have these all listed out and broken up into projects in my handy living well planner. so this is where the blog comes in, accountability! 

yep, i will be posting my sabbatical productivity and stay at home mom wins (and fails) here, because if i say i will do it, darn it… i am going to do it. 

so look out december…i am coming at you with some serious goals and list in hand.

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