oh hey…again!

here we are, another friday!
this friday is a little exciting though. tonight starts high school football in our parts, so the kids are pumped togo to the game. i like going to the game this time of year, i love hearing the band & it is warm outside. i will say i have cared a little bit more about the team now that i may know a couple players. either way, it is fun.

but what is fun is oh hey friday, so go and link on up!!

1//   let me tell you about last night. i wish i had a good drank to much, danced on the bar or roller skated through the bar story for you, but i don’t.
last night i went here and took this lovely little tutorial workshop on lettering, the only problem, i am not so good with the lettering.
so mine looked awful, i was super frustrated and wanted to jab my lovely tombow brush marker into my head. seriously, there were 13 people in this class and i would say at least 4 of them were ready to hand letter their story in beautiful print. mine looked like maybe a recovering alcoholic wrote them, oh wait maybe that is because…whatever, i digress.
mine was so super shaky, i couldn’t get the up stroke for the life of me. but as with the macaroons, as i was getting frustrated i decided it is just going to take a lot more practice, so now i have stalked some good lettering peeps on the gram and am ready to practice and keep on practicing until i am lettering everything in my home along with place cards, dessert tables, you get my drift.
stay tuned for lettering updates.


2//  speaking of the macaroons, i am not certain if i have shared here that i learned/taught myself to make those perfect little sweet treat cookies. for about the past month and a half i have been trying to perfect each time consuming step.
i have my number of egg whites down
how to separate those said egg whites to get the perfect part of the egg white
the precise time to mix
the exact number of folds
the exact temperature
and of course sifting time
i think i am finally ready to share my macaroons with the world.
so here they are.

i am hoping to get more crazy with the flavors over the next few months. my kids like it that i keep practicing. i have to get them out of the house asap as i will eat them all, like literally, i will just keep walking around popping them into my mouth. i mean come on, they are a 2 bite cookies, that is funny! another great way to ensure the recipe is just perfect is to take the ones that don’t turn out perfect and just dip them right into the filling, i mean why mess around with piping those bad boys!

3//  now because i am a big fan of dipping those macarons into the filling, i am so ready to get started with this.
health bet challenge
come on and join me! really, it is like a no brainer, you are going to win money and putting no money up. you are just committing to your health and fitness, that is something you need to do anyway so getting some cash along the way is an added bonus. score!

but…i don’t want you to just say ‘ok, ok, your right i need to join you on this virtual boot camp and get my butt moving.’ i want you to own this virtual boot camp and crush your goals.

so because that is what i want for you, along with you, we are going to find the best program for you so you do crush those goals you are going to set.

email me here
tell me you are in
and we will get this going

we start soon and i need to share all the tips and tricks with you this weekend.

4//  and just because i want you to get started on that health bet with all the proper tools. I’m giving away some shakeology this week.

enter here through sunday night and monday i will tell you who is getting a weeks supply of shakeology coming their way!

a Rafflecopter giveawayhttps://widget-prime.rafflecopter.com/launch.js

5//  i am so excited for next week…but you have to wait until monday to hear about that.
i’m off to clean my house, because i haven’t, in like forever.
so basically that means i am throwing everything away. does anyone else clean like that? it gives me such satisfaction!

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