it is a lot…a lot in one post!

i haven’t linked up in awhile, but guess what, school is back in session so that makes me all about getting back into a routine, so i am back in a blogging routine. 

here we go with a link up. 

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here we go:

1//   we have made it through three days of school, yahoo! it really isn’t a yahoo, you know why? it is too darn early for them to go back. i am a firm believer they should get out mid june and go back after labor day. there is still a month left of summer for crying out loud! it is all about the testing, which is annoying. our summer/weather is so limited in ohio, don’t take it away!! 

but despite my issues, they left me again. 

my girl is the top dog of middle school, oh the days. i remember getting growled at in middle school and how i spent my nights and weekends, not exactly the middle school years i envision for my biggest gal. thankfully she has a much better head on her shoulders and if someone growled at her, well that would be just funny. 

the boy had about three days to mature three years and he handled it like a champ. he came home today and announced he wants to be in the bulldog theater, i about fainted. more to come when i am able to collect my thoughts on that. 

 im thrilled to say that this gal may have moved on from her leopard and sparkles day. we may have turned a corner for a new career choice now that she has hit the top of her elementary school game. 

and like myself chewy watched them go day dreaming about the nap she was going to take for the next 7 hours. right after she chases the bus back and forth a few times for a little fun. 
the youngest one and i went about our day as usual, if you call crazy hair day usual. 


2//  back to school means back to a routine. lets talk about a health bet. yep, you can get yourself some cash just for participating. this is like a no brainer, get healthy, get money! here are the deets for this virtual booty camp: 

– WE commit to a program START to FINISH! You pick it! 
– WE work out in our homes, at our own pace, during our own time frame 
– WE follow a clean eating, portion control plan TOGETHER
– WE drink super food filled delicious shake each and every day.
– WE commit to the goals that you set for yourself 
– WE will be accountable
– WE will encourage one another 
– WE will be successful

The added bonus is that Beachbody is holding a Health Bet at the same time! What is that you ask? 
– Beachbody has added 1MILLION dollars to the pot to start off
– They will continue to add $5 for every Challenge Pack sold between now and August 31st. 
    a Challenge Pack is the program and a 30 day supply of Shakeology purchased together as a pack at a special price. 
– During the challenge log a minimum of 3 workouts and 5 Shakeologys per week on the Challenge Tracker App
    you download the free app, i set up the group and invite you, you log your workouts and Shakeology in the app. 
– Everyone who completes the challenge will split the pot equally! 

the pot is over 1m now, so that is more for us to split in the end. so just send me the message  here that you are all in and we will start finding the right program for your needs. easy? 

3//  did you know you can eat clean while participating in the health bet? want to start off with a free meal? don’t forget to get in on my giveaway for a free meal from blue apron. 

these meals are…yum!  check out this post, follow me on the gram and get your chance to win! 

4//  see this kitchen? i know, i know it is a screen shot. 

i want it. one thing i have learned over the past few months is i am done sitting around waiting for it to fall in my lap. I’m getting this kitchen. 

reading this

reading this

and a lot of this

will lead me to that. 

5//   who needs more water this week? 
i sure do, i need to 
Do you know the benefits of drinking more water? i mean, we all do, right? but just in case you need a refresher:

  • Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Flushes Out Toxins
  • Improves Skin Complexion
  • Maintains Regularity
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Natural Headache Remedy
  • Prevents Cramps & Sprains

so lets do just that this week. a drink more water challenge. it is free, we remind each other all day, drink up! email me here we will start monday, be ready to go sunday night! 

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