get up early…can you do it?

do you tell yourself over and over this is the day i am going to get up early? 
to enjoy some silence alone before the chaos of the day starts? 

i do

let me tell you how successful i have been at that… a three day streak and then done. 

not this time though, how does the saying go? 

it is all going to change monday.
are you in with me? 


see the thing is on the weekends, i get up early and love it, i love the morning when everyone else is asleep. i love to get the kitchen cleaned up while the sun is shinning in and everyone is quiet. i love to get my run in. i love to do my workout. whatever it is, i always feel so much better when i get it done in the early am. 

i can do this during the week too. 

i am going to give myself some guideline, it does not at all mean you have to follow these guidelines, but i have to have something to stick to, I’m just that kind of girl. 

  • i can hit snooze once. once, that is all. 

           now this is coming from a serious 9 minutes snoozer, so this will be       tough. 
  • i will be out of bed at 545am

i am hoping to push this up to 530, but lets start realistically! 
  • i will find a quote and read and meditate about it for a few
i will focus on one for the whole week, most likely a scripture. 
  • i will allow my self to sleep a little later on the weekends i am focusing on the monday through friday to start. 
those are my start guidelines, i am sure i will need to modify those as time goes on, i really want this to be successful, so adjustment is key. 
so are you in with me? 
maybe it is just 15 minutes earlier each morning, just for you to take some time for you. 
i am super excited for this to be a success, especially during these summer months when i can enjoy the sun and my flowers. 
what do you want to accomplish with the #getupearlychallenge ?

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