the birthday gal

i know, all the moms and dads say it. they warn you when you have kids it flies by, and that has happened…

this sweet baby is 5 today.


what a perfect piece to complete the puzzle of our squad. she is a little piece of everyone wrapped into her crazy self and i don’t even remember life before her.

this here was my favorite picture:

i so remember laying her sweet little sleeping head down on this wood deck, thinking, most people would not lay their newborn baby on this, but it is going to be the cutest darn pic, the things we do for a great picture. you will be happy to know i did brush all the debris and ants away first. 

anyway you can read the original post with these shots here

so for today, as you can imagine i am super grateful for this sweet gal and all the joy she has brought to my life and i am sure a few others too. 

for her love of her sisters and brother
for her kindness
she is a good listener (at school)
her raspy party girl voice
her fierce competitive attitude
her determination
her sweet sweet snuggles at night
and her dragon breath in the morning. 

there is so much to be grateful for with my mae mae liz. 

 i miss those sweet little feet! 

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