i have been working on this thing this year, focus more on what i have and being grateful for everything around me. 

are you a list keeper? 

that is what i am doing, each day i try to add a few new things to my list that i am grateful for. 
really, i try to focus on the things i don’t think about too often but take for granted such as:
  • clean water
  • healthy kids
  • my job
  • good schools
  • peanut butter
you get my drift. it keeps me focused on the good and what is all around me that i need to turn my attention to and be grateful for. seriously, we should all be more grateful for peanut butter!

so, with that little background i am going to be sharing more about what i am grateful for here on the blog. i fell like if i share will all 26 readers i have then it helps me to stay on track and keeps me focused on sharing and remembering all those little items i have in my life that add up to one amazing life. 

do you want to join me? 
what are you grateful for? 

really, you can share in the comments here, send me a message at if you don’t feel like sharing publicly, blog about it, but let me know so i can go read your blog, but take a minute and think about what it is you are grateful for today. 🙂 

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