yep, it is my weakness, i could snack all day. actually, i could be done with full on meals at any point and just snack. did you ever see the movie Mermaids? remember the mom character played by Cher, she made appetizers all the time for her girls for dinner, i could be that mom, totally!

the other thing i am working on is clean, healthy eating. so it is imperative i find snacks that fall into that bucket too, but i want to like them so i keep on snacking. plus, i am pretty active so i need energy for those INSANITY classes i am always talking about and it is so important to refuel after! did you know as soon as your done with your workout your body jumps into recovery mode? the best way to help it repair is with a recovery drink, but if you are a snacking fool like myself, you want a snack!

seriously, most times after i run, i run/walk/crawl right into the house and right into the pantry, like the food cannot get to my mouth fast enough. i need to ensure i am eating the right post workout snack and not a handful of chips, which i will grab if that is what is there.

best for me and everyone around if i have some of the following on hand:

now, now…calm down. i work full time, i have 4 crazy active kiddos that are in the thick of camps right now, i teach my fitness classes and run my virtual boot camps, how can i make these snacks and have them on hand?

right…not an option.


this team is committed to offering healthy post workout snack options as well as healthy snacks just to have on hand! just check this out, they outline snacks for all different occasions! ummm…who is not going to the movies or drive in this summer? i know that butter popcorn is calling your name, but if you are really trying to stay on track, like i am really trying to stay on track, these are great tips!

i also love that they provide recipes, i am a stick to the recipe, do not change it kind of gal, so this is perfect for me. i also know exactly what i am getting, a healthy, high protein, good fats snack.

the healthy snacks for kids section is my go to this summer. i drop grace off at camp at 8am and often times she has double sessions and has to go play her own games at night, she needs to fuel herself properly through out the day and more importantly, she is learning the right way to do so.

bonus!!! i love a good family owned business and the history behind them, so how can you not love this story!
don’t get me wrong, it is taking time for my pack to adjust to these, but i am trying and so are they and i really want them to be fueled right so they are working at their best. it makes a huge difference when they eat right, like crazy you see the results pretty quickly!
but, the long and the short of it is i still love to snack, so i will continue to keep looking (and finding) healthy alternatives.
is this something you are looking for too? PLEASE let me know your favorite healthy on the go snacks and let me know if you try any of these options!  

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