5 Health Snacks

so here it is friday again and here I am at another volleyball tournament, so it just makes sense that I share with you my top five go to healthy snacks. these are the ones I smuggle into the tournaments, where they do not allow you to bring your own food, to ensure my girls have something substantial to nourish them throughout the day.
so here is the deal:
link up
teaming up with Karli and amy for five on friday.

like I have said before, I will never understand why these tournaments often time do not have many, if any, healthy choices. so here is what is in our bag for the weekend.

1//   cuties
really aren’t these just the best. so sweet, so quick, so easy and yum!!

2//   energy balls – they are just that and you can make them so many different ways adding whatever you would like. I like mine just like this:
1cup old fashioned rolled oats
1/3 cup agave nectar
1/2cup peanut butter – who am I kidding, I add a bit more because I just love me some peanut butter!
1/4 cup ground flax seed – just sprinkle that stuff in!
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup or a half of bag of small, semi sweet mini chocolate chips

mix them all up together, roll into balls and place on a baking sheet lined with wax paper. I put them into the fried for about 45 minutes to firm up.



seriously, I can pop these babies all day long, love them!

3//   water – these athletes have to stay hydrated. you have to bring lots and lots of water. sometimes we get lucky and the have refill stations, but still, you need to be prepared.

4//  grapes – my girls love the red ones, but both colors are delish. even better is frozen grapes. pop these babies into freezer bags and then you have a frozen yummy sweet treat!

5//  pretzel rolls – ok, so maybe these are not the most healthy treat, but they are the ‘big’ food for the day. I usually add some peanut butter to them and make a little peanut butter sandwich with them. defiantly my older girls favorite.

these are great snacks to have ready to go for your next tournament, weekend event, getaway, when you know you may not be able to purchase a healthy option, these are a much better option. these are great for lunches too, especially those frozen grapes, help keep the other items cold.

what is your go to healthy snacks? I would love some fresh ideas, because guess what? next week I will be back at another tournament, shocking, and will would love some new options.

my girl should be ready to go tomorrow, fuel wise, and hopefully heading towards the gold on sunday.



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