10 on Tuesday

i think that tuesday may be my favorite day of the week. i think it is my most productive day as well. like right now for example, i am multi-tasking by typing this blog post and munching on hummus, i just finished my insanity class with an awesome crew, so productive!
you know why tuesday is also my favorite day? this fun little link up 
10 on tuesday. it is a quick one… just:
1. list up 10 things…anything, like your to do list is fine.
2. link up. check out september farm and read all those links up from there. it is like a little maze of 10 on tuesday lists.

mine…it actually benefits you, cause i am all about you. 🙂 
why you should commit to a fitness program with me:

1//  perfect fit – we, like you + me find the best program that is suited best for you.  one size does not fit all here, everyone is different so we are going to figure this out together and find the right program for you to start and finish. 

2//  me as your coach – this is not a ‘here is my link, go buy it you are never going to hear from me again thing’. i am here with you, working with you to help ensure success. you stay engaged = i stay engaged.

3//  accountability – you are going to have it! that is right, again, i am in it to win it with you, so you will be checking in with me often. and when i don’t hear from you…guess what? i track you down. 😉

4//  meal plan – it is more than the workout, we meal plan together. what works, what doesn’t, tips, tricks. we figure it out for you together

5//  self confidence – you are going to gain it, even if you don’t need it. once you start, it won’t be stopped!

6//  strength – you are going to gain that too! strong is the new skinny. 

7//  positivity – this glass is half full, we are focusing on how you will crush this and all good!

8//  goals – we are setting big goals and some ‘bite size goals’ on how you will get there. we are writing them down and you are looking at them each day.

9//   new habits – not so much on how you will break bad habits, but all the good ones you will gain! 

10//  success – that is right, i am committed to your success. i want that for you. if you are committed to your health and fitness, so am i . i want you to be successful and i will not quit on you, we will do this together

#summerstrong that is what i want for you! we are into spring now and summer is quickly creeping in. so lets get summer strong together and commit to your health and fitness. 
here is the hardest part…asking, deciding and committing. 
so email me. just add in the subject line ‘i want to get summer strong!’ and i will take it from there with you! 

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