a contest for the big game

what big game are you talking about? yes, you may be asking that.
tomorrow ends what is a big event in our house, we are getting ready for one shining moment and the end of the madness. 

most of our brackets are busted but it still keeps us on the edge of our seats and me crying pretty much from the beginning to the end. 
yes i cry.
i cry when they show the pre game stories, you know, the kid that made it to college over all adversities.
i cry when they show the team getting ready
i cry when they come out
i cry when they do the pre game
i cry when they show the families in the stands
i cry when the team looses and they are sobbing on each other
i cry when the winners celebrate and hug their coach
and i defiantly cry through one shining moment…if i am awake

so lets kick off the #summerstrong plan and the march madness ending and make this game a little more fun. now don’t get me wrong, i love nothing more than laying my butt on the couch eating chips, popcorn, processed cheese dip, leftover easter candy and laughing out loud, literally, to chuck and the capital one commercials. but really, i am committed to this no processed foods thing and well a monday night really isn’t that good of a reason to fall off the wagon for me. so lets turn this into a contest. 
pick your team, refer to this challenge sheet and tally up your end workout and submit your push up total via the below link. i will then pick a winner thursday morning! 

the ball is tipped…

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