the most unproductive week ever

that is what this week was, why you ask?
because I was run down by the flu monday afternoon and I have just peeled myself back up. literally.

but I will go into that in my five random, very random, oh hey friday post.

here is the drill
ready, enjoy, comment, link up.
don’t forget that comment part.


link on up with september farm and the farmers wife

1//  I don’t know what it was, the flu, a cold, some type of crazy something got into my system on monday afternoon that left me unresponsive all week. I could not even lift my head. this was my spot all week, I did not move far from it. on the plus side I spent 4 straight days watching hgtv therefor we will be busy painting cupboard, installing beams in the ceiling, new mantels and floors and than selling our house. 🙂

2// one thing I did realize on my death bed, can you tell I am not a good sick person? I need more water, so lets do a challenge… a water challenge. message me here, now, to sign up for a free water challenge this week. come on, we have to stay hydrated to fight the illness away and get great glowing skin, flush fats, you know all those great benefits of putting down gallons of water a day! it is easy to do and with the challenge, you will have me sending you daily reminders to do so. it is free, nothing to loose, well you know, you may loose a little something, but only good losses. so just add in the subject of the email… ‘add me to the water challenge, please!’

3//  because I was so unproductive during the week, I am going to be super productive this weekend. yep, washing every article of laundry in my house and then some, followed by bleaching the disease away for once and for all. we have been fighting this sickness for a few weeks and the fact I got this twice is annoying, so it is time to go. what is your best oil concoction, germ fighting tip? please share, I have to get this out of our lives. also the weather next week is going to be awful, again. so I need to get this out!

4// I shared this on the gram yesterday, but I had to share here, because this is what my smallest gal does it doesn’t matter how cold it is, she has to go out and play basketball. she gets her gear, water bottle, cavs backpack, ball and shooting shirt. she ‘warms up’ and listens to the coach make the plan while wearing the shooting shirt and then the game starts, aka shooting shirt comes off, and she is in it to win it, or until her arms are numb and it is dark out and she is told to come in. which follows up by a huge full on fit and she is not taking a shower.

5// this sweet girl, she stayed by my side this week and was so confused on why I was invading her space all week. she is used to being home alone all day and I was cramping in on her style laying on the couch all week. she would just sit there and stare at me saying ‘when do you plan on leaving?’ as with the rest of my family, she doesn’t do well with change.

ok, lets get ready for the weekend! but first, scroll back up and message me that you are in for the water challenge! come on!! we all need more water! 

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