oh hey friday

wow, what i week and i am excited cause i have lots of fun to share with you!
but first here is the drill
read, enjoy
comment so i know you were here, really, comment!
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read, enjoy

seriously, like make an exciting friday night out of it! i do it a lot and get lost and by the end have no idea what happened, it is 2am, blah blah blah.

1//  i did it!! i said i was going to do something and stuck to it this week, i am so excited to keep on going. so you may remember i had this goal of getting up earlier each day and taking some time to find an affirmation or scripture, just something i could use to help me stay aligned throughout my day.

i did just that crazier…it did help! like i found myself often times thinking back to my scripture and focusing on it. i think this is going to be a work in progress, i haven’t gotten that bang i am looking for…but i am going to keep working at it because i felt great!
i really like not pushing snooze, and they say you do not get good sleep after you have pushed snooze so why waste that precious time. so now, i have to work on a little earlier each day. more goals.


2//  im super excited about this and i would be way super more excited if you want to join me! monday, grab your favorite beverage and get on Facebook and follow team acceptance. i am hosting, along some other great gals, a happy hour all about beachbody. you can sit back, take it all in, ask questions if you want, get a better understanding of why this has so much meaning to me, how it may for you, why it is so life changing and why it is not sales. i love this lifestyle and all it has brought to me and my family and want to spread that love. also, follow me on instagram at @simonbob and i will remind you too cause i realize, monday is really far away.

3//  speaking of drink of choice, holy! this is what i will be drinking during that happy hour. can you say delish! this combo is a reese peanut butter cup… not kidding, promise. seriously, don’t just take my works for it, message me and i will send you a sample so you can find out for yourself!
herei s how i mixed it up just in case you want to give it a whirl!


8oz of h2o
8 ice cubes
1 scoop of chocolate shakeology
2 heaping tbls of powdered peanut butter
4 ozs of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

mix that all up in your vita mix. oh.my! how could that be good for you??

4//  tonight the kids and i are going to watch todd be inducted into his high school sports hall of fame. i am excited for them to see that their dad worked hard and his accomplishments from 25 years ago paid off. wyatt and mae may not get it, wyatt more so will be like. ‘what? why would you work hard at that when you could have played video games all day? ‘ and mae mae will just want to make hoops the whole time. speaking of, as i type all i hear is
the bounce is her dribble down the hall, the thud is her ‘shooting’ into the closet at the end of the hall. she has broken that closet door beyond repair beating ‘the avon lake’. right now the score is 29-21, she is beating ‘the avon lake’. but i digress…

we are proud of ‘mr lorain county 1992’.

5// did i mention that i am keeping that getting up early going? well, i sure am, but the next 2 mornings will be super early. me and my oldest gal are off to the toledo area for her first volleyball tournament of the season. i am super excited to watch this new team play, it is their first year together. it was a change, as she has been with the same team for the past 4 years, but they cannot stay together after 7th grade which was super sad. this has been an awesome experience for her and a great one. she is learning and improving so much and they seem to be just a great group, which i am super thankful for. so here we go…

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