oh hey friday

oh hey it is 2016, how is that going for you?? did you start on any new paths, free yourself from an old habit in this new year? well i have one good reason why i need to stay on track, but first, lets link up! here is the deal:
and then jump over to september farm and the farmers wife and do the same. 

1//  why am i am staying on point with my fix extreme killer workouts? 
because i have a kick booty group of crazy awesome challengers doing it right alongside with me?

because i work out with some awesome addicted to beachbody workouts gals at lunch?
but maybe because i am heading here in just 18 short days!!
thats right, i have a very, very, very nice friend that is taking me as her plus 1 on her hard earned trip. thank you kath! ummm puerto rico, seriously??

but in order for myself to swim up to this swim up bar, i need to continue to swim myself into shape with the fix extreme, insanity, and hot yoga. all amazing and well worth it! 

2// what else am i doing to flush this system out??
chug a lug challenge. 

read all about it in the post below, but you should totally jump in! why not, you drink a bunch of water, feel great, better skin, flush your body. win/win. 

3// my last week before i go i will be all about the three day refresh. i am drinking my shakeology every day as one of my usual reds, but the week before, detoxing out. 

4// apparently one of the days this past week was organize your house day??seriously?? that is a day? who can do that in a day? that was one of my things this year, get this house in shape. i am failing miserably. any tips? help…seriously, like this room i am sitting and typing in…a cluttered mess! 

5// another new years challenge i still am doing well on…the budget! like i am obsessed with the dave ramsey financial peace program we are doing. it is actually kind of fun, making a plan and sticking with it. shockingly, todd and i are on the same page, which we never have been before. 

granted it is month 1..but we are adjusting and getting it right and i love it!! 

so that is it for oh hey friday…link up so i can read all about it or leave me a comment so i know you were here. 🙂 

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