a new challenge and a new season

those go together right? well lets talk about it.
first up…the challenge, the challenge to drink more water! 
operation chug a lug is going down!  i am hitting the beach in less than 30 days…so it is go time.

who is up for a challenge? a challenge where we commit to drinking more water and getting in 30 minutes of exercise a day. i may just throw in some prizes too, along with some positive affirmations!  
water…there are so many reasons why you need to drink more water, but we will go into those more during the challenge, so for now just know: 
it is free
it is fun 
and you will feel great at the end of the 5 days! 

we start monday, monday the 18th, so this monday! 

are you in?? just message me here and i will get you added to this fun group! 

now on to a new season, we now move into volleyball after the end of a great basketball season. 
for those new to the blog let me introduce to you my oldest off spring…grace

grace is my athlete girl, she loves basketball, who am i kidding, if you live in this house of mine you love basketball, and she works her butt off. 

after an undefeated regular season they lost last night in the tournament, but did you read that first line? 

undefeated regular season! it is 7th grade, so while i understand they were not playing for the state championship it does not make me any less proud of these great girls. they are a team, and they did amazing. some of them have been playing together since 3rd grade, and those that are newer fit in like a glove with the rest of them. i am thankful for this group of girls, they are one of the reasons my girl loves the game and they have a bond that will always be there. 

i said it last year when the season ended, they are a team and i am so proud of what they have accomplished. 

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