oh hey friday…getting real

thats right, who is getting real in the new year? i love a fresh new year, although it makes me a little nervous the years are rolling by, i do love all the new opportunities that come with a new year, and i have some of those for you! 

but first, who is linking up? 

1//  realsolution

do you make resolutions each year and get frustrated with them by month 2? ditto
lets get real this year and make a realsolution, not a resolution. 

january 5th is the day…the day we are starting on a journey for a realsolution towards your health and fitness. we, yes we, will work together to ensure you are on a successful track with your diet and fitness goals. 

you will work out
you will drink an delicious meal replacement shake
you will reach milestones
you will have minor set backs
you will have the support of me as your coach to pick you back up
you will achieve your realsolution

that is how it is going to go down. 
we are going to crush our realsolution goals!

2//  realsolution – fitness program

so what are we going to do to crush these fitness goals you ask??

we are going to do this with one of these three program:
the 21 day fix
the 21 day fix extreme
the hammer and the chisel

wow! these programs are hardcore, but for every.single fitness level with the modifiers for each of them.
this is real, grab your friend, spouse, pal, sister, brother, just grab someone because it keeps you engaged and accountable. 
know what else keeps you engaged and accountable? 
my fitness group! yes, everyone can participate because it is interactive!
so message me and lets get you moving! 

3// realsolution – meal replacement shake? 
what? you mentioned this above, what is this about? 
one word…delicious!
shakeology, it comes right with your program so you are successful! watch this video, seriously, take the couple of minutes to watch it. 
but you don’t know 
what is it?
do i like it?
what flavor?
how do i mix it?

guess what? i am going to walk you through all that to. 
lets start with a sample. 
i am going to mail you a free sample.

guess what? 
shakeolgoy has a 100% bottom of the bag guarantee, so you get 1 scoop in or 28 scoops in and you are not in love. ship it back and get your money back.

4//  realsolution – nutrition plan
see these containers?

they come with your plan and they are going to change the way you approach your diet. these babies are going to show you the correct portion size, combination of foods and what to eat. 
it takes prep, it takes commitment, but with the help of our private interactive group, you are going to do it! 

5// realsolution – success!
yes!! you will have it! we will get through our first 21 days and you will have new amazing habits! 
will it be tough? yes!
will you stumble? yes!
will you be annoyed? yes!
but that is how you are successful! and after those first 21 days, you will be thrilled with how you feel and be ready to go 21 more. 

lets do this? 
how do you start? you message me. write realsolution in the subject line and we will work together for your success! 

oh and don’t forget about the free sample. message me for that too! 

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