oh hey friday!

lets do this december! look at karli’s new oh hey friday button… so fun! 


here we go, write up 5 fun things and link back.
make sure to visit some of these fun blogs. 

we were in naples the week before thanksgiving and boy was it awesome. 
do you want to know why? 
because we did nothing! 
that is right…no plans, hung by the pool…but wait, here are five great things about our vacation.

1//  swim, swim whenever you want. just walk out there door and go in the pool. it was the perfect temperature, inside the pool and out, the kids just love playing in the pool and the best part, the play great with one another in there! 


and if you don’t swim in the pool…you go to the beach! 

i had to get my steps in

the boy would stay in the water all day. he did have a run in with a jelly fish, but fought through. 

my beach girl had a small cut on her foot so was a little concerned the sharks may be coming so sat out. she knows a couple too many shark facts

and after a good beach day…

2//  you can just go out and go for a run or walk whenever. you don’t have to figure out when the weather will be nice, just go! there is a great 2 mile loop around the development, you just go ride, walk or run. it is so fun seeing all the people out doing the same. we did it every.single.day. 

on one of our walks a neighbor had a box out with lemons right from the tree! so amazing, we sliced them up right when we got home. we may have gone back for more. 🙂 

3//  the puzzle! it is what i do on vacation, my first stop is walmart to get myself a new puzzle to do for the week. i am a big fan of the coca cola ones. i finished on the last night. 

4//  the card shot…ugh i don’t know if this was a high point, i think this years card will be out takes…

5//  time together…it is what we need(ed). our life is chaos at home, someone is always going somewhere, we rarely are home at the same time and weekends are filled catching up from the week. having 7 days together to just hang out, sleeps and be, is just awesome.


i am so grateful for my amazing job that allows me that time and the resource of a vacation home. it is a huge bonus my dad is in the area, so we get quality time with he and wheat, which is always fun. 

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