Q4 end better than you started!

that is right…i want YOU and me 🙂 to end Q4, this year, 2015, better than we started with our health and fitness.

how are we going to do that? 
read on…

we are going to work together
we are going to be 100% committed
we are going to encourage one another
we are going to follow a clean eating diet
we are going to follow portion control
we are going to work out every day
we are going to drink Shakeology every day
we are going to have amazing results

this is what i am looking for…

10 committed people, moms, dads, grandmas, friends, sons, daughters but the key is you have to be committed. you have to seriously be ready to end 2015 stronger than ever. you have to be committed to invest in you and your health and fitness! 

the reason i am so passionate about committed is we are going to get results, but results take work and i am committed to getting those results too. we have limited time until the end of the year, that is why we have to stay committed and make it happen. 

i can tell you thing, it will be hard those first few days, it will require you to make changes, change is good!, it will require you to be prepared and you will be required to participate and stay engaged. i know you have parties, i know you have events and i am going to help you work through them with success! 

again, you will get results, that is why i am looking for those who 
want to end 2015 feeling amazing! 
just in time for the holidays! then we will get extreme in 2016!  😉 

ready to start?
want to join me?
email me right here


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