cards = awesome

hello karli is awesome!
i now have some legit, awesome business card i am super excited to share with everyone, thanks to party & paper
so i basically gave her nothing, nothing to go with and she came back with…spot on! 

i wanted a logo for my fun team, team acceptance. i wanted it to incorporate fitness, healthy eating and team. i wanted to be able to use the little icons on my website (coming soon) so it all went together. i wanted a color scheme, i wanted continuity and i got all that and more! 
karli would send me designs, i would say yes no or something a little more. she picked fun fonts that went together but still have a design feature/flow to them. she just down right hit it out of the park. 
and then it got better, because she said, hey i can order these for you from a great place, and boy is it that. look at the great packaging they come in, seriously…i am the biggest sucker for packaging! i can keep this great box with me all the time.
the long and the short, karli rocks, but not just at business cards. 
are you having a party?
need a birth announcement?
some cute swag for any event? 
holiday cards…mine will be coming soon! 
email her, you will one the results! 

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