it is friday

and boy has this week been a whirl wind…i am
to catch up! i was gone all last week in vegas!!! for work and since i stepped foot off that plane it has been go go go after a full packed week of work.
the laundry is piled, and seriously i mean piled, outside of the laundry room. there are baskets of clothes everywhere, kids room look like tornados ripped through them, but here i am for oh hey friday!
so lets link it up!
write about 5 things
link back to september farm or farmers wife
grab your favorite fall drink pumpkin beer, pumpkin latte you grab it and start reading.

so this week is a random mix for oh hey friday

//1 i am day 5 in of max30 and i am thrilled. i was 
from the first three days. holy
i forgot how much sore can hurt, but i love it! 

//2 i was also finishing up size…holy moly is this fun! you get to get your dance on and who doesn’t love that. 
thats right, dancing, like music video up front and center you are the star of the show, and it is a workout…but you don’t even know it because you are just having fun dancing and don’t realize you have just sweat your butt off and burned a shoot ton of calories. 
try it…i promise, it is fun
message me and we can get a group together and dance! really, it doesn’t matter where you are located, we can virtually do this. i want to tell you all about this, so seriously, email me! 

//3 so just when i finish up that workout i recover and yum-o with my shakeology. i have tons and tons of samples, so what better then for me to give away some samples here! lets do a giveaway,
i am going to send someone 5 samples of shakeology, so you can also feel just as amazing! comment here on why you would like to try shakeology and on thursday, like 10/1 thursday, i will draw a winner and mail them off to you, along with some great recipes to mix them up with! 
are what i have! do you want to try shakeology regardless of the drawing?

sample sale! i will ship you 5/$20 or $5each. shipping on me. 🙂 

//4 so in the process of catching up is grocery shopping. we had to stop into walmart so this girl could get a glimpse of the new pioneer woman line

yep, that is right, she loves herself some pioneer woman and is a full on fan. we couldn’t leave empty handed so here we have charlie. old charlie has been all over the house, she moves him around to a new location each day, she talks to charlie and feeds chewy treats from charlie. she decided charlie is chewy’s treat jar. 

chewy looks thrilled to have charlie taking over. 

//5 some moment i missed but super thankful todd keeps me updated and is super dad:

the boy worked hard on his skills and actually got his sweat on. 

grace worked hard and was worn out from some really well played volleyball games and basketball practice. apparently mae mae wasn’t as tired as the geegs. who was laying with who? 

this girl was star student for the week!

and star student gets to bring in a surprise, that surprise was donuts, but not before brother gave his stamp of approval. 

wham…i love it!!
i missed a great game, her dad even said she played really well! I’m sure she did so well because i wasn’t there. 

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