blogtember – friday night

todays prompt… It’s a Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do?

Brave Love Blog

this is a boring one, my friday night was super boring! and worse…i have no pictures to document it! 

mae, my youngest daughter, had a birthday party to go to. so i dropped her off in hopes the rain would stop so we could go to the high school football game. i am a total fair weather fan, meaning the weather has to be perfect, fan. well the rain didn’t stop. 
came home
grace, my oldest daughter still wanted to go to the rainy football game, because thats what 7th graders do. 
off she goes
me and the three staying home kiddos stayed home.
we did have a little dance party which was fun! 
i cleaned the kitchen
i picked up all the junk laying around
i got presents ready that were needed for saturday
i waited for the rain to stop
no luck

so off to bed i went. 

being 9/11 there were several shows on the history channel reliving that day. wyatt and i did watch one together. 102 minutes that changed america. it was peoples raw footage from that day, so close, so scary, so tragic. watching with a 10 year old is different. he knows what happened but just from stories. as we were watching and he was seeing people jumping from the building and answering why my heart was breaking, breaking because i was shattering that innocence in him. he asked me if there are still terrorist in america. how do you answer that with out having him worry about it? 

all in all it was a great friday night, spent with the people that matter the most. 

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