whoo hoo for the weekend!

its the weekend…and while it is not my favorite weekend, it is still a long weekend so i am going to embrace it and get some stuff done. what better way to help me accomplish all these tasks then typing them up and adding them to a blog post to ensure i accomplish them.

first off this boy just left.

he is headed up north to michigan to spend an awesome 3 days with his best cousin pal. while i know he will have fun i
when he is away from me!

like is he making the right choices, is he aware of his surroundings and what he is doing, is he trying to show off to keep up with all the kids, is he talking in his weird video voice, you know the usual. then before he left i got the email he made some app store purchases, so i was annoyed, ok i was down right mad because i just had over $40 refunded from apple based on some app store purchases he made, so i had to have a little ‘discussion’ with him and then he left. so now i feel terrible. he did give me his ‘I’m sorry mom’ before he left and i got to give him the squeeze along with i love you…but still. 😦

this is going to go down today and tomorrow.

i mean, not this exact one, this is from a nice person on interest, but this gives you an idea of what i am going for. thankfully, we are working with two plain walls that have no windows or cuts needed, well may an outlet or two, but pretty much straight walls. one is the front of the bar in the kitchen, i am super excited for that! now…i need to decide if i am going to pull a color in there, like maybe some gray on the wood first, or just go with the untreated wood look. thoughts? you can tell me, but good chance it will be done by the time you do! ha! stay tuned for the finished product. 
this is going down today! 
well…it has been going down for awhile because i am starting week 4 of CIZE and just love it! such a calorie burning, 
cardio blast! today i am teaching a CIZE live class, remember i was certified by the man ShaunT himself! i am excited for this mornings class and we are having a shakeology bar after, yum-o! 
do you want to dance with me? really, you can even if you do not live near me! it is all part of this! and i would be thrilled for you to join us!! stay motivated to be in the best shape into the holiday season! just email me at: simonbob15@yahoo.com
what are you plans fro the weekend? 
home projects?
putting out corn stalks and mums? 
let me know in the comments
oh and link on up!!!

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