a few weeks ago todd and i traveled for a quick, super quick, three day jaunt to nashville. why you ask? basically to see this guy!!

as you know, i am a beachbody coach, and each year beachbody holds their ginormous coach summit. this was my first summit and boy did it not disappoint! 

when i decided to become a beachbody coach one of the things i committed to doing was stepping out of my comfort zone, and i have, which i am super happy about. my main purpose for going to summit though was to real…really step out of that zone and i did, and i am continuing to do so. 

there is some quote, about stepping out of your comfort zone is what makes you grow and that is my goal, to evolve and grow so that is what i am doing. i challenge you to do the same. 

anyway, you all know my love for shaunt and all his kick your butt programs. well his newest program was released while i was at summit and i was there to become certified to teach this new format by the man himself. 


the program is dance, hip hop, sweat dripping, bust a white girl move cause that is all i got, fun dance! if you do not like push ups, burps, planks, and power jumps, this here is your workout!
i was there to step out of my comfort zone, to learn to teach this new program, which i have absolutely zero dance moves, and i did just that. 

now i need to teach it, that coming soon.

todd and i drove all night so i could arrive right before the certification kicked off on wednesday, literally we pulled up to music city center, i got ready in the bathroom and jumped in to learn. 
therefore during the break i needed a nap, i had just finished up busting a move…or 100 moves with shaunt, i was tired!

after my day long training, we showered and walked down to the main street of nashville to check out the scene. it was fun, my fitbit was racking up the steps, all that dancing and then all that walking, my fitbit was super fit! 

we found a dinner spot, forgot the name, but way yummy and after that i was pretty much spent and in a food coma. i needed sleep! we walked all the way back to the hotel, again fitbit racking up the steps, and i crashed…hard.

which was good because day 2 was packed full of fun! 

in the am i ran around Vanderbilt university, what a great campus! what a perfect way to see it, and of course now i want all my children to go to school there. then a quick lunch and off to a insanity super workout. holy crazy!!! nothing makes you move then having shaunt himself in your face telling you not to quit. now granted, i love the guy and find him crazy motivating, but when he talks and inspires you with your goals, fitness heck, just life… you go, well at least i go!!! it was such a cool, cool experience. i have no pictures or videos of it, that is because it is really hard to workout while holding your device. everyone was doing it, he would come down into the crowd and everyone would whip out the phone and start to video. crazy, i was moving, not picking up my phone, he was telling me to keep on pushing through, so i didn’t feel like grabbing my phone for a selfie was appropriate! 

anyway as soon as it was over i ran out of there, showered up and off to hit the town with todd. we did this super cool fun tour called the nashville pedal tour. so so fun. it is pretty much a bar on a big bike, you pedal the big bike while you have drinks in front of you. there is a guide, who is steering the big bike while you pedal and takes you to a few of downtowns hot spots. they give you some history along the way, pretty much just in the beginning, and then you pedal up to a place, hop off, have a drink and get back on and pedal to the next stop. 

of course our favorite spot was this place.

we took pictures, bought shirts, checked out all the doc memorabilia, it was super cool. after the pedal tour we walked back up to mid-town, again the fitbit was racking up the steps…oh wait…no!! the fitbit needed to be charged and i left my charger at home…ahhhhh. seriously, i was so bummed about this, all those steps!! i could have totally blown to the top of my dashboard. anyway…back to mid-town, feed my face with food and call it a night. oh and get a picture with elvis, of course. 

that is because the next morning i had yet another workout with…you guessed it…shaunt!
this time we sized it up again, just a different routine. 

there were classes i attended, filled me up and motivated me to help even more people get fit and reach their goals. next year at this time i plan on being right back there but with my team of coaches. i was inspired and motivated by the elite coaches, i want my name on that wall! 

speaking of elite coaches, here are 2 of my favorites. i follow these gals on instagram, i have worked out with them many, many times in the early morning hours and in the evenings, i feel like i know them so to see them on the street with their husbands was a thrill! heck, i have worked out with their husbands too! 

although i am not thrilled with myself in this picture, they were so nice to stop and take a pic with their star struck fan, i think they get that a lot though. danielle on to the left of me, inspires me so much with her story and how she has built a successful business and brand. hard work does pay off and to have a dream, know what you want and do it is rewarding, and she is proof of that. tania, well if you have done insanity, you know tania and her crazy crazy power jumps! she is a rockstar and the dance lead for cize, dance is her passion and it shows! 

after a day full of classes and work outs, fun nights on the town we once again drove through the night to get back home to our peeps. i was back up a couple hours after we pulled in to drive grace to practice, do laundry, try to clean.

 i got to see this face though after he was away for a week at summer camp!! that thrilled me!! this boy loves him some camp! 

it was a great getaway, a motivating inspiring three days and one i will be redoing again next year. 
now off to set some goals and crush them! 
who’s with me? 

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