oh so xxl fun

tonight was one of those out of no where so fun nights. just random, good fun with three of my best gals. 

here we thought we were just going out to see a advanced screening of magic mike xxl, which we did exactly that but who knew it would be leave me side splitting laughing! 

the girls came out and we met at bar louie for a little happy hour, and apparently there was a pre party going on there…bam = fun!
it was hosted by q104 and fox 8 and although we were not officially on the party list, we had fun at the party. 

average joe photo bomb

it is a bit shocking when male entertainers come onto the scene, but should have been expected seeing how it is a movie just on that subject. but super awkward when the male entertainer is a family member…say what??? and his stage name is renegade?? or abs, or could have been panty dropa’ and don’t forget mr gray. 

mr gray felt the need to stand on a chair in this photo, I’m not sure why…weird, maybe so he looks 7ft tall? 

but as far as the movie goes, it really was a good movie. the audience and the very spirited audience members all around me, made it! i would highly suggest going to see with friends. the movie is peppered with appearances which added to the fun. who knew michael strahan would pop up, or even elizabeth banks and andie mcdowell. great to see them in this show, it totally added to the fun. 
best part though, the friendly expree while the boys were on the way to find themselves a tsunami of dollar bills. 

grab some gal pals and go see this flick! if you can hit up a q104 pre-party first, all the better. 

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