oh hey friday!

oh hey it is summer!!! 
now if we could just get some real summer weather. this weekend isn’t looking promising, but i am hopeful it is coming! 

so lets get to it. write up five things and link up with the farmers wife and september farm. but don’t forget to leave a comment here if you stop by, i would love to know what brought you to my blog and read yours right back. 😉 

so I’m posting up all about summer and the best way to start is summer abs and i am going to get them with this…

summer 1 –  the fix meal plan
yep, i am committed to this because, well because it works!! 

i was so confused when I first looked at these containers i was overwhelmed with where to begin, maybe that is why it took me so long to love them, but they work, this program works!
i will be getting my portions under control, eating the right food groups together, and the right amount of carbs, along with fruits, veggies and protein. do you want to join me??
it is simple, but you have to start to find out how simple it is.
this program is on sale for a couple more days & i will personally work with you to ensure you understand this system and we hold each other accountable!
win + win = success

You will be entered to win the new cook book coming out in a few weeks to go along with this program if you purchase while on sale his month.
21 days and you will 
feel the results.
i’m pretty sure i will look like this in 21 days…right? 

summer – 2 move your booty
to go along with your super simple, clean eating, ab creating meal plan you can move your booty!!

thats right, once again, amy and karli and hosting a challenge to move your booty in the month of july, and i plan on jumping right in on this. i am obsessed with getting my steps in, and this will keep me 
pair that with summer 1 and we will be rocking this by month end, which just also happens to be my birthday. 

summer 3 – fourth of july 
we have a good ole 4th of july picnic each year, so this is my pile i have started to begin the mantel and table display. i clearly went a little burlap/brown color crazy but do plan on brightening it up with some red and blue! this pile will get my creativity moving, i hope, it is going to come to me in a vision, this weekend! 
i am super open to any inspiration if you have created something for your celebration! 

summer 4 – baseball
clearly this girl like to torture me. 

she decided this summer to play softball, which means getting her to games, practices, watching the games etc. that being said, it is a great group of girls and coaches and she is having fun, so i am thankful for that, super thankful. since this pic she has gotten those braces off, she is full blown straight teeth girl who is turning into an amazing teen. i couldn’t be more proud of her. #blessed

summer 5 – birthday girl
one week after the 4th bash we will be breaking out the birthday banner for this firecracker!! 

can you say 4??? because i cannot without breaking into tears.
i want my baby back!!!! i need a puppy, or a baby, so i think i need a puppy.

comment here so i can follow your blog back, that is if you have one. 
happy summer!! 

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