oh hey friday #AllInCLE

oh hey…it is friday again! here we go! really there is only one thing to talk about…but i will say it 5 different ways…#AllInCLE

here are the details:

you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that’s it.

1 we are allin here…like, way all in. 
it is stressful
it is exciting
we yell
we cry
i want to puke half the time
but man is it awesome, this team is just awesome!! 

2 if you can watch this and not get shivers and/or cry…well, there is something wrong with you. 

3 there is a new hero in town, but we have been a fan of Delly’s right from the start! again, you just have to love this guy. grace defiantly has a new hero. 

4.we have not left out these 2. mae mae is still talking about the mean green guy that hurt k love’s shoulder. ‘we don’t like that green guy mom, he hurt k love.’ 

and kyrie, man what a tough tough player. love them both and miss them on the floor! i will be representing kyrie sunday night sporting my fresh brewed tee

5 this girl was super super super happy to be at the game on tuesday! she has one amazing aunt! they had the best finals experience. she had one golden state altercation where she let them know: ‘if your mvp cannot handle a simple boy form australia, then it sounds like you have the problem. and by the way…they don’t serve sorry at the deli.’ 
although it was a great come back, i still told her she needs to be respectful to adults. she had the best night, came home with no voice and exhausted, but memories to last a lifetime! 

and i know i have hit 5, but the super fan mae mae just runs around shouting:
squad up
were coming for the rings

and we are!! 

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