that is how i would describe my life lately…but i am thankful for the chaos, i can’t lie, i am super overwhelmed, but it all works out in the end. 

i did a phone dump the other day and i am gong to share some of that randomness…aka chaos.

this is what i am working on…it is a work in progress but i am trying! 

this skirt…it has been through all three girls and i was super sad i was binning it away, but look at that sweet little hand in her pocket! 

she loves her donald and her daisy…can’t you just tell by her look! 

i was fortunate to do INSANITY with this fun group of hard working girls. this team stepped their game up and had an edge on their opponents by being better conditions and stronger from their cross training! i was so thankful to be a clover of their huge success as a team! 

speaking of teams…these girls have worked their way up to being ranked 2nd in their region! i can’t wait to see how they day next weekend and the over tournament! 

we always have to make time for a selfie. they love them! 

my insanity tuesday night crew, post workout selfie. strike a pose! 

these two pals got to spend a friday in mae mae’s class reading this book! mae was thrilled they we were there and they were thrilled to be out of school for the rest of the day. 

this is what i look like 9-10 times you would see me. 

but one of the times i dressed up a bit to meet this amazing gal! Glennon was just awesome, everything she spoke about rang true right to me. thankful for the CLE monkees! 

a talk i have been having with my abs. this is going to happen, summer 15. 

we celebrated spring break with a dave and busters night. one of the big kids won this cool mullet/mohawk wig and mae lived it! 

we also renewed our CLE zoo membership over spring break. we hadnt been to the rainforest in years, so it was great to spend some time exploring that area. so cool! 

they were super cooperative for photos too, which makes it even better! 

if this doesn’t scream white trash easter…i don’t know what does! 

oh…this does! apparently wyatt needed to take a easter egg hunt break. perfect spot. 

they are all looking, if i have to find a good point of this picture. 

we even had some of our favorite time, hopey time!! hope came into town for here baby shower and the big kids got to hang and watch tv with her on sunday night, just like back in the day. it was bitter sweet because the next time she will be here she will have her baby with her. it will be different but good and we can’t wait to meet the little guy! 

and last but not least…insanity round 12 didn’t disappoint! we have busted this out in class the past two weeks and it is the toughest one yet! my class is killing it, i am so proud of them!

what have you been up to??

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