it saturday!

yes, i am late again, but hey..i am linking and that is what is important!

so here goes…

you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that’s it.

1 first things first…i am following this meal plan starting monday 

and you can do it with me, i will share everything you need to be successful with this. message me and i can add you to the team and get you all the info! 
i will have abs when i go on vacation in about 40 days, it will happen and i know it will because we all know…

that is all about that. 

2 easter is tomorrow, and i feel like on easter i always have an epic fail…whomp … whomp … whomp …
not this year, not this easter i am going to make it great! 
here is a throw back of last easter.
maybe we can take a good photo, and not by the garage door. seriously…

3 speaking of easter, while there is always the cutest dresses, the weather is not conducive, of the cute dresses that are available. it is NEVER warm on easter, so why do they only provide sundresses!!! i am off to the target soon to find something for these people of mine. 

4 man oh man, we got to hear this gem speak a few weeks ago. 
and if you have not read her book, and you are a mom, then run..i mean run to amazon and but it now, or the library or wherever you get books from. this book is one you should buy though, and then pass it along to your best mom pal. it is awesome and she is just so darn great. check out her blog and soak everything in, she is a hoot! she will be back to CLE so stay tuned…
5 yes, i am a day late in posting, but this week has been spring break and i have big plans to accomplish a lot in my two days off work. how am i going to do that, since my 2 days are up and i haven’t really accomplished anything yet. today, today and tomorrow are gong to be amazing. i took 2 days off to do fun things with the kids. this is the fun we have had:
1. zoo
2. movie
yep, rip roaring fun. not so much, but i am trying and we are making some type of memories. the good news is we will be going here in less than 2 months, so we have that to look forward to! 


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