Friday Link ups!

seriously, for well over a month, i have sat down to blog and just blank…nothing. now when i am sitting in bed at night i have tons of topics running through my head, and i should note them, i know.

there is one topic i do want to blog about and it is going to fall under the friday feelings.

Looking to the Stars

my grandma…but first up…link up. 

you write up 5 things, anything! link it up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife and that’s it.

let me tell you about my grandma, that is my dad’s mom.
my grandma died the first of the year, it is sad, yes. but good. granted i had not seen my grandma for several years these are my five on friday all about her amaziness!

1 – she is beautiful, i mean that, really truly beautiful, inside and out.  she is always, i mean always the same weight, the most beautiful skin, only kind words came from her mouth, always perfect hair, always full makeup, immaculate clothes and home.  that is who she is, just beautiful.

2 – she, they i should say, would come to visit us in ohio from indiana about once a year when i was young. they would drive and i remember as a kid being so excited to see them pull in.  my grandpa bruce, her second husband but who i always knew as my grandpa, always was driving and they would get out of that car, from driving the 5 hours and guess how they would look, beautiful. when they would get here she would always bring in her green luggage, 2 bags for her. one with her perfect clothes laid neatly and pressed and her green cosmetic bag, it looked just like this.

in that bag was everything it took for her beautiful skin regime. so many bottles, lotions, washes, cosmetics, cotton swabs, eyelash, curlers, brushes, combs. it was like a big party in there for me. and i would sit and watch her go through the whole routine, morning and night. it was amazing. 

3 – she baked and loved to bake. every year at christmas she would send a tin like this

a couple of them, one for the kids and one for the adults. it would be full of fudge, cookies, nut and sprinkled with peppermints. it was all good stuff, but would have the faint taste of peppermint.  i remember the first year she didn’t send the tin, she called me to apologize for not sending it and of course i understood, but i secretly missed it.

4 – she is proper, so proper. she was a wife first, and that was her purpose. she worked hard at a great company and after her retirement she was a wife. she kept an immaculate home, had breakfast, lunch and dinner for her husband. i remember sitting at the kitchen table in the morning having breakfast while everyone sat and did the crossword puzzle. she signed all her letters Mrs Bruce Fisher, i remember when i first got married she sent me a card, she always sent cards, for every holiday and birthday, but the card was addressed to Mrs. Todd Simon, i clearly had no clue who that was! the adults would play eucher in the evenings whenever we would go to Indiana, ruby and bill their friends would come over, and the best hostess always had a fresh bowl of mixed nuts and kept the drinks full. the best hostess. 

5 – my grandma not only loved to entertain she had a pretty active social life, even at the end of her life. she golfed and bowled several times a week. and she was a great at it, she bowled in so many leagues, couples leagues with my grandpa, individual leagues, held records for bowling perfect games and league champions, crazy good bowler. she was a two fingered bowler, weird, i had never heard of that but one of my last visits with her she gave me one of her old bowling balls. we bowl in a bowling league, not because i am a good bowler, because we go out with our friends once a month, and she was so excited and gave me the ball. i remember that last trip to visit her, we went to the hard rock cafe for dinner, because she and frank let us pick where we wanted to go. it was so loud in there and they were such troopers and hung! we had gone to indiana to pick up my wedding dress. Frank, her husband, owned a chain of dry cleaners and after we got married he took my dress back with him to have it cleaned at one of his stores. it is still in my basement, beautifully pressed, in a perfect box, addressed to Mrs Todd Simon.

love you grandma, i know you are bowling strikes in heaven. 

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